At POSSIBLE, we provide various services to our students. These services include:

  • Assistance on University application
  • Guidance on Documentation
  • Guidance on Admission interview
  • Assistance on Visa Lodgment
  • Pre-departure guidance

There are no fees for this. Also, POSSIBLE offers 6-week class to students on IELTS and CAE preparation. There are fees for these classes. Students at POSSIBLE get the privilege of attending fortnightly seminars focused on specific countries’ on a regular basis. These seminars are organized to facilitate students to choose the courses, places and education providers.

On top of this, POSSIBLE also offers students the 5-hour workshops on smoothing their transition from Nepal based education to overseas education. Also, the pre-departure briefing is regularly conducted to the successful students who board their plane to Australia. Not only this, job hunt tricks and techniques, key information on the type of jobs available and skills needed to be fit for the job are some of the most important issues students will be familiar with, and this also before they fly.

To sum up, at POSSIBLE, our focus is always to provide the ways to students that will make them able to adjust while at overseas, do academically sound and stay financially strong. So bear with us.

Test Preparations

  • SAT