Company Profile

Possible International Educational Consultancy (PIEC) is an innovative and specialist educational consultancy company (Pvt. Ltd) situated at the heart of Business area Kathmandu—the capital of Nepal. The Company provides education consultancy services to students who have desire and intention of studying in internationally well reputed institutions in Australia ,New Zealand and USA.

Our Company slogan –Think possible Where impossibilities are hardly meet – properly reflects our attitude and approach in providing services to students, parents and education partners. PIEC believes in serving people professionally with passion and dignity.

PIEC consists of a dedicated team of experienced professionals with many combined years’ of experience within education, training, consulting and management. We are a forward thinking Company and we employ and reward forward thinking people. As a business, we believe in quality service and professional delivery- this is reflected in our Company structure and policy which defines success via agreed key performance indicators that we are accountable for and therefore give our clients confidence in our ability to deliver.

As a Company, we are succeeding and we look forward to more successes in the coming years. We therefore invite you to join us so that you may share in our wonderful experience. If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, call personally or telephone/e-mail our friendly staff who will assist you.

Possible International Educational Consultancy (PIEC), one of the best educational institutes in Kathmandu, Nepal, properly guides for your education solution in various countries. PIEC started its operation in 2013. Because of the long experience and expertise of its founder in study, Possible has proven itself as one of the best educational institutes in the town for abroad study related services. In performing excellently well in the capital, PIEC has also think too expanded its. This expansion is brought in place with company’s policy of decentralization. Shortly you can now get access to PIEC’s services from Birgung, Chitwan and the regions that surround.

Possible International Educational Consultancy (PIEC) offers a great opportunity for students to get a study path in various countries, but especially PIEC has proved its record in Australia, New Zealand, and USA. PIEC has established the representative status of many reputed colleges and universities in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

First of all, we wholeheartedly thank you for your wise decision to choosing PIEC in guiding you through to your future destination. PIEC plays vital roles as a career path for your abroad study solution. PIEC has ushered hundreds of students, erased all their confusions, answered all their questions, enhanced their confidence and in return, has received a pile of ‘thank-you-note’ from the students who received our services. To-date, PIEC has straightened the zigzag life-path of many students like you. PIEC does this confidently and professionally. Try PIEC if you want to know what it does, and how.

Only one urge we have for you and this is what we wish you to be– Smart & Intelligent. We say this because of the way we do things, and the way we guide you to. We believe in, smart people do not do different things, they do things differently. Either you adopt this or adapt. Whichever you choose to do, change is inevitable. Exactly from here and with PIEC, your dream comes true. We heartily welcome you in PIEC.

PIEC’s core mission is to become a successful and reputable Education partner between Provider and agencies and Provider and Students. Our guiding principle is to develop and maintain an institutional environment in which freedom of intellectual inquiry is held in the highest regard and protected as a core value. PIEC has shown its commitment to quality services to every stakeholders and we intend to further this commitment that our association member will deliver high quality service, qualification, develop the real-world skills, attitudes and values needed to guide their success in their chosen business and future paths.


Our main Visions & Missions are:

  • To deliver comprehensive education solution strengthening with it extensive network.
  • To be mass based complete educational Promotion serving
  • Provide quality service and assurance of quality education.
  • To obtain sustainable and competitive environment in National and International
    Education Group
  • To develop National economy by exchanging of Education System and service.
  • Collaboration and partnership with National and International Stakeholders

Our primary role is to connect students with universities and colleges around the world. To do this, we have the world’s largest database of degree courses for students to search, covering the USA, Australia, New Zealand, , Ireland, Japan and many more European countries. Students looking for dependable study abroad consultants can rely on us for guidance. Those looking to study overseas can use our online services to secure admission into College/university abroad. We can help find the right one for you through our education counseling guidance.

From the early days of the internet, since 2013 Possible International Educational Consultancy has been investing in web-based technology to make finding a course easier for students. Using our online solutions, we provide free guidance to students interested in pursuing their education abroad. If you are looking for a reliable study abroad consultancy, then your search starts to ends here.

Make the right choice
We use advanced search technology to find the best course and University for you.

Receive the latest advice
We provide regular updates to your mobile device that take you to the next step.

Get answers quickly
We get your application response from College/universities quickly.

Be prepared
We provide tools to help test your English to get ready to go abroad, assist in visa preparation & budgeting as well as reviewing your statement of purpose and Letters of Recommendation to give you the best chance of successful application.

Trusted guidance
We’ve been helping students with finding the right course since 2013 and work with different College/Universities around the world including USA, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, EuropeanCountries& Australia.